GradientIT is a unique platform where you can address the hiring companies directly. Record the video for your future employer, and start your career in Germany now.

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Your team

GradientIT is made for IT SAP Specialists by IT SAP Professionals. We know the sector inside out, and will help you earn more on better terms.

Data protection

Your recorded video will only be shown to the companies of your choice. We respect and follow the General Data Protection Regulation.

New approach

Crisis or not, you need to stand out to get your desired job, and no recruiter can speak about you better than yourself.

Why record a video on GradientIT?

The effects of quarantine are kicking in, and recruitment during COVID-19 is not the same as before. As global markets panicked and economic activity stopped in many sectors, the hiring slowed down in many companies.

Companies are hiring less, but more for remote work. Therefore, the number of remote job applications increased drastically by 135% compared to that of the end of the year 2019.

To find a job in such situations, to have a good CV and a decent motivation letter is simply not enough.

GradientIT knows how to make you stand out

Forget about dry text listing of your pros and cons on your resume. Nowadays, hiring managers will not waste their time reading through every single CV that overloads their inbox. They want to see the person behind the emails, so be that person. We will help you with that for free.

GradientIT knows how to make you stand out among the many applicants in the SAP sphere.

We offer you to record a video where you can personally tell your future employer about yourself.

Record your video, and start remote work now

Stop missing out on job offers. Start your remote work for one of the German SAP-projects, and relocate later.

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Record the video

Once you have recorded, checked, and submitted the video, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox with your personal link and further information.

Company selection

Your recorded video will be shown to the companies of your choice. Once there is a match, the HR of the hiring companies will contact you directly.

Start of work

Once all steps of the interviewing process are completed, you will choose the best offer and start your new job immediately. Congratulations on your new position!

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How does video recording work?

We hope these small tips will help you record your first video.
Click the button down below, and let’s get started!

After you click the button “try now”

you will be able to record the video. But don’t worry, it does not have to be perfect right away! You can record your video as many times as you want to make sure it is exactly how you want your future employer to see you.

The first step would be to do a trial record - it will help you check that both audio and video work properly. Next to the video screen, you will find some useful tips for your video set up.

Sit comfortably, relax, and be your best self - tell your future employer about your professional experience, personals skills, and goals. Describe your desired position and ideal work environment. Point out your strengths and ethic points. And don’t forget to smile!

Once you have finished the recording

play the video to make sure that you can be heard and seen well, that the lighting and picture are good, but most importantly, that it is as you’d like it to be.

Don’t be tough on yourself, but try to imagine a hiring manager watching it, and ask yourself: “Would you like to get to know this person better?” If the answer is yes, hit “submit.” If you are not sure about the result, you can always re-record the video as many times as you want. Just keep in mind that only the last video will be saved.

Hurray, you have submitted your video! Now, check your inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email and some more useful information.

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