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We specialise in screening and validation of SAP & IT specialists

What we do

SAP & IT Full-Cycle Recruitment

Full recruitment services, which include all necessary tech interviews before you meet your ideal future employee in person

Standardized skill-based assessment interview

Our expert conduct functional skill interview and provide you with professional skills evaluation report based on your job requirements

On-demand video interview tool

Eval HR helps you to find the best fit for the job without unnecessary wastes of time and resources

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Individual offer can cover only the process steps you require

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What makes us unique and different from other recruitment companies

20+ years' experience in SAP Consulting of our founders and experts.

We keep our knowledge in SAP projects up-to-date.

Our digital Know-How, that we developed, we are able to validate SAP candidates more professionally and faster, to select the irrelevant applicants, and find the best candidates based on the company’s requirements.

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We know how incredibly difficult is to find a perfect SAP-consultant

More than half of the resumes, provided of head-hunters and stored out for decision-making managers, are not relevant.

What is the cost of irrelevant candidates? - A single hour of interviewing potential employees costs several hundred euros to German companies. And the cost per a job offer taking into consideration only manpower, is at a general level of several thousands of euros.

Hiring the wrong candidate is more critical and costly.

We are familiar with situations where incorrect numbers in the VAT declaration (SAP FI) or the sales price calculation (SAP SD) have cost companies thousands and thousands of euros.

Who we are

Gradient IT is a recruiting company that focuses on the professional validation of IT SAP candidates. The founders and partners of Gradient IT are SAP consultants and former employees of SAP AG (Walldorf). Our extensive work experience on various SAP projects includes participation in job interviews. Therefore, we can incorporate our knowledge on finding for you the best SAP specialists.

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