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About company

Gradient IT is a recruiting company with the focus on professional validation of IT SAP candidates. The founders and partners of GradientIT are SAP consultants and former employees of SAP AG (Walldorf). Our extensive work experience on various SAP projects included participation in multiple job interviews. Therefore, we are able take the knowledge of finding the best SAP specialists into our recruiting processes.

There are few consultants available in the market.

It is a fact that the SAP market in Germany and DACH region is a “wasteland” / desolated with the lack of available consultants, among whom it is incredibly difficult to find a candidate who perfectly matches the requirements of the company. Therefore, HR managers are quite often have to to use the services of headhunters and recruitment agencies, and it is especially relevant for SAP sphere.

More than half of the resumes are not relevant

Such situation at the market leads to the point, where the average salaries of SAP consultants are much higher than rates in other areas. It is quite common for candidates to "improve" their resumes, which is directly related to the fact that more than half of the CVs, stored out for decision making managers, are not relevant for the required job positions. And these are the resumes that have been already improved by HR department and have passed several steps of selection.

What is the cost of irrelevant candidates?

What is then the cost of time, spent on irrelevant candidates? Usually, there are several people involved in the decision-making process on SAP candidate: the department manager, the project manager and the functional consultant.The cost per hour of those employees consists of the average salary, necessary taxes and administration expenses. It is not difficult to calculate that only one hour of interviewing the potential employee costs several hundred euros for German companies. And the cost per job offer, taking into consideration only a manpower, is at general level of several thousands of euros. If it could be possible to detect and select the irrelevant candidates at an earlier stage of recruitment, even before the hiring manager gets the CV, the company would save not only time but also a significant financial resources.

Hiring the wrong candidate

More critical and costly is the case when a company hires an SAP consultant who is not exactly the perfect fit d to the company's requirements. Mistakes in implementing or maintaining critical ERP transactions can cost a lot the company. We are familiar with situations when incorrect numbers in the VAT declaration (SAP FI) or in the sales price calculation (SAP SD) have cost companies thousands and thousands of euros.

Our difference from many other recruiting companies

What differs us from many other recruitment companies and makes us unique is that by keeping our knowledge in SAP projects up to date, we are able to validate SAP candidates more professionally, select the irrelevant applicants and find a candidate who will be the best match to company’s requirements.