We have created for you a visual guide of the recruitment steps with GradientIT: from uploading your CV to signing the contract.

Recruitment with GradientIT



Upload your CV on GradientIT.


Saving Resume

We store your resume according to data protection requirements.


Selection of vacancies

Based on your request, we select the most suitable positions from our list of offers.


Job interview

After you choose the most appealing jobs, we will send your CV to the selected companies.



We offer you a consultation with our internal SAP IT-professionals to increase your chances of getting the best offers (optional service).


Offer selection

GradientIT takes care of arranging interviews with companies that are interested in you.


Work contract

Congratulation! You have signed a work contract.



Our job is NOT over once your contract is signed. If the chosen company is abroad, we will gladly take over the whole relocation process for you.

Relocate with GradientIT

Our Relocation Services supports you and your firm before, during and after your arrival, and includes all steps needed to relocate officialy to any Country of EU.


1. Coordination of the entire procedure for obtaining entry, stay and work permits during the first 3 months.

2. On-going communication regarding all questions via phone and email.

3. Optimization of the applicant’s profile for a successful relocation.

4. Personal assistance to immigration services, social and tax offices, banks, etc.

5. Consultation on all social aspects such as language courses, kindergarten, doctor, etc. for a faster integration.

6. Lawyer and accountant services.

7. Assistance in finding, and renting or buying a place of living.

8. Help with the evaluation of educational qualifications through ZAB / ANABIN services.

9. Registration at the German embassy to receive a national category D visa or Blue Card.

10. Support in providing recommendation letters to the German embassy in your home country.

11. Consultation on the first steps after moving to Germany.

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