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Checklist on what to include in CV:

1. Personal details - such as your name, address, mobile number, and email address.
2. Objective - summarise and emphasise your key attributes and your intended future career path. 
3. Employment History & Work Experience - place this before Education if you have been working for a while. Start with your most recent job, detailing your experience concisely with bullet points.
4. Education & Training - start with your most recent qualifications, and work your way back to the ones you received at school.
5. Language proficiency - if you speak more than 1 language, this element distinguishes your CV if you are applying for a job at an international company.
6. Achievements - include your academic and/or professional achievements to distinguish yourself from other candidates.
7. Interests - include this if they’re relevant to the soft skills needed for the job.
8. References - name two people (not relatives), along with their email address and phone number, who may be contacted by the employer for a reference.