GradientIT is not just another recruiting agency

It is not about finding any job for you, making money, and stepping aside.   

We are your team of IT-professionals

We are your team of IT-professionals with long-lasting partnerships and the biggest players in the SAP sphere. This not only allows us to know all operating processes from the inside, but also to have direct contacts with leading companies in this field.
Our team offers you more than just a list of open positions. We consult you on the most sufficient techniques of a job search.
GradientIT helps IT-specialists build a career in one of the most reliable and profitable fields in today's technological industries.

It is of a great importance for us to find a job that is worthy of you.

We are one of the few agencies that help you improve your skills at our expense in order to find a better job

How to get a bonus?

If you are not willing to change at the moment but you have anyone to recommend, your recommendation pays off. If thecandidate you recommend fills the position successfully, we will be happy to pay you a bonus of 600 euros.

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